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Case Studies

Risk Analysis Elasto-Gel™ Sterile Products Weight of Product CS-001 swt_download_square_32x32
Management of Complex Wound with a New Hydrogel CS-002 swt_download_square_32x32
Preserving the Tissues of Problematic Wounds Using A Glycerine - Based Wound Dressing CS-003 swt_download_square_32x32
Elasto-Gel™ Risk Analysis Sterile Products (Sterility) CS-004 swt_download_square_32x32
Poster No. 42: Wound Healing Properties and Hypertrophic Scarring Under a Hydrocolloid and a Hydrogel in a Contact Burn Pig Model CS-005 swt_download_square_32x32
Poster No. 51: Preserving the Tissues of Problematic "Non-Healing" Wounds Using a Glycerine-Based Wound Dressing CS-006 swt_download_square_32x32
Poster No. 65: Cost-Effective Healing of Shallow Chronic and Non-Chronic Wounds CS-007 swt_download_square_32x32
Elasto-Gel™ Used to Heal Road Burn to Hand with Exposure of Extensor Tendon CS-008 swt_download_square_32x32
The Effect of Hydrogel Sheets on Hypertrophic Scarring in Burns CS-009 swt_download_square_32x32
Use of Elasto-Gel™ In Burn Therapy When? Why? CS-010 swt_download_square_32x32
Effective Management of Problematic Wounds in Home Health Care Using a Hydrogel Dressing Sheet CS-012 swt_download_square_32x32
Selection of Wound Dressings: Assessment of Non-Clinical Variables Can Be As Vital As Clinical Variable Examination CS-015 swt_download_square_32x32
Use of a Unique Hydrogel* in Pediatric Surgical Practice CS-020 swt_download_square_32x32
Elasto-Gel™ in Experimental Wound Healing Studies CS-022 swt_download_square_32x32
Study of Elasto-Gel Pads Used as Surface Bolus Material In High Energy Photon and Electron Therapy CS-027 swt_download_square_32x32
Use of a Glycerine-Containing Horseshoe-Shaped Dressing for the Treatment of Sacral Pressure Ulcers CS-032 swt_download_square_32x32
Elasto-Gel™ and Wound Healing CS-033 swt_download_square_32x32
Elasto-Gel™ in Experimental Wound Healing Studies CS-034 swt_download_square_32x32
Clinical Test Protocol Using Elasto-Gel™ in Different Types of Wounds and Stages of Wound Healing. Specially in Burns in Childhood CS-035 swt_download_square_32x32
A Review of the Dosimetry of 1% Silver Sulfadiazine Cream in Burn Wound Treatment CS-036 swt_download_square_32x32
Preliminary Macroscopic & Microscopic Pre-Clinical Results – Elasto-Gel VS Visigel CS-048 swt_download_square_32x32
Motorcycle Accident CS-049 swt_download_square_32x32
Elasto-Gel Do Brazil CS-052 swt_download_square_32x32
Case Reports: Elasto-Gel in Burn Wounds CS-054 swt_download_square_32x32

Journal Articles

A New Form Fitting Hybrid Hydrogel Facial Mask Which Stimulates Wound Healing in Facial Resurfacing JA-005 swt_download_square_32x32